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note: not everything is hosted at the same place. The lemoncurry.nl adress has mostly the python stuff and on my other webspace the rest is stored. If you use the banner at the top to return to this page, it may be on a different server.

The place on the world wide web, full of information about and pictures from The "It's" Man. On this site you can find (now or in the near future):
  • Transcripts of the scenes from Monty Python's Flying Circus featuring The "It's" Man. These are put on this site without permission of those who have the rights. Lets hope they won't register a complaint;
  • Is it It's? The text of two scenes from Monty Python's Life of Brian;
  • Pictures of The "It's" Man. Mostly these are pictures (1300+) taken from Monty Python's Flying Circus (and a couple from Monty Python's Life of Brian);
  • Some people I met on the internet have made some adaptations, I decided to put them on this site;
  • Facts about and the story of The "It's" Man, in other words: everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask...(under construction, eh to beput online soon... almost done);
  • Still have to compile this: Links to webpages about Monty Python's Flying Circus;
  • The "It's" Man slideshow (javascript);
  • Nutkinland poster SmokestackJones made animated gifs of "It's..." in episodes 6 and 12.
  • Random Quotes

And then... totally unrelated to Python's The "It's" Man:

  • As not everyone has his or hers own little place on the net, there are some pictures hosted by me;
  • No Tomorrow: the homepage of a friend of mine, by the name of Fey Silvith, who has put it on my webspace as well, she is talking about putting it in her own space - for almost a year now ;);
  • Photoshopped or MS-painted pictures by me or by others, courtesy of the Tanadan Rip Off Army;
  • Not working yet: Links to other interesting websites and messageboards;
  • Information about the man behind The "It's" Man, not Michael Palin but myself, in other words: the about me page.

The "It's" Man's "lemon curry?" site is last updated on May 25th, 2007.